AOL Huffington Post Launches LatinoVoices.

The AOL Huffington Post Media Group announced the launch of HuffPost LatinoVoices, a new online community for bicultural Hispanic Americans. Gabriel Lerner, formerly News Editor of La Opinión, is Senior News Editor. Miguel Ferrer is Managing Editor. Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief of AOL Huffington Post Media Group, made the announcement.

“This is truly a Latino moment. Hispanic Americans – 50 million strong and counting – are both the largest and the fastest growing minority in the country. And with 32 million Hispanics online, they are among the most wired and connected groups in the country,” said Arianna Huffington. “Yet, at the same time, we are witnessing the scapegoating of Hispanics in Arizona and elsewhere, and an immigration policy that runs contrary to the very principles at the foundation of America. HuffPost LatinoVoices will cover both halves of the narrative.”

Said Gabriel Lerner: “The launch of HuffPost LatinoVoices has the potential of becoming an important step in the history of Latino journalism in the United States. It signals a serious commitment to the fastest growing and largest minority community in the country – a community united by language, common history, and culture that is also vying for recognition and respect to ensure that millions of its members can freely integrate in our society and contribute to this nation.”


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