Tr3s identifies ‘coolturistas’

Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más recognizes Latin influencers who are making an impact in the industries of art, food, fashion and music across the US. In honor of the 25th anniversary of Hispanic Heritage month, Tr3s identifies ‘coolturistas’ who are threading the Latin culture into the fabric of American culture. Their journey to success will be revealed through a series of on-air profiles with never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews starting today on Tr3s, and additional footage on <> .

“The Latino community is a driving force in American society, continuously weaving their creativity, sound, flavor and style into the American culture,” said Jose Tillan, GM & EVP of Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más. “As a brand that prides itself on elevating the next generation of Latinos, Tr3s is very proud to applaud and shine a spotlight on this group of inspiring ‘coolturistas’ who work hard to engage, empower and build on our legacy in the US.”

This Mexican-American music producer, DJ and songwriter skipped high school and went straight to college with a scholarship from USC at the age of 13. While majoring in music, he began to circulate his demo to practically every recording company and signed with an indie-dance label. At 16 his music topped the Billboard charts and he was soon remixing for Popstars Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony. He’s worked alongside legendary producers Giorgio Moroder, Quincy Jones and David Foster. In 2006, he signed with Interscope Records as an artist, producer and executive. He has worked with such artists as Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, U2; and close collaborator Lady Gaga. Fernando has 2 Grammy nominations, five #1 singles and has his own imprint Paradise/Interscope.


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