Latinos Have The Power To Change Entertainment & Create A New Image

By David Chitel (NGLC, Founder & Chairman)

From time to time, I’ll do original posts if the NGLC has something new and relevant to say.  This is one of those times. When I came across this trailer for a new movie getting a ton of buzz called PressPausePlay, although it’s not about Latinos per se, its message really resonates when you consider the chart below.  We all know that Latinos “over-index” in technology adoption, blogging, social media, content creation, online video engagement, etc.  It’s also clear that Latinos are “under-indexing” in their presence in mainstream TV and Film.  This will be a subject that is heavily discussed at the upcoming TEDxWashingtonHeights event in NYC on October 24th.

PressPausePlay centers around the idea that anyone and everyone now has the ability to instantaneously share their art with millions in today’s global society.  Such a premise, when put in the context of the above chart, totally levels the playing field for Latinos who have been under-represented and mis-represented in entertainment for so many years.  With today’s easy-acces technology and sharing tools, Latinos have an unprecedented opportunity to change the face of entertainment, and take control of creating a new multi-dimensional image for themselves like never before.

If you’re feeling inspired to participate in the discussion, be sure to attend TEDxWashingtonHeights in NYC on October 24th, or just share your thoughts below.



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