Telemundo launches ‘Mujer de Hoy – Superate!’


Telemundo Media announced it will launch “Mujer de Hoy – Superate!” (Women of Today- Excel!) on <>, a pro-social multiplatform initiative in partnership with LATINA Style designed to empower Latinas by providing them with information to help enrich their lives.

Telemundo’s Emmy-nominated host of “Caso Cerrado,” Ana María Polo, will serve as the initiative’s spokesperson. “Mujer de Hoy—Superate!” will showcase Latina achievements in all areas, from business to entertainment, and offer advice from beauty to career. The six-month multiplatform campaign will focus on digital media, through the online property “Mujer de Hoy,” and incorporates grassroots and on-air elements. The initiative will launch at LATINA Style’s annual Anna Maria Arias Foundation Awards Galain Washington, D.C.

“Mujer de Hoy” will gain exposure through promotion at consumer events launched in support of the upcoming Telemundo original primetime novela “Una Maid en Manhattan,” a story with a theme of empowerment. Additionally, “Levantate” will host “Mujer de Hoy” segments to focus on select issues, while hosts will also discuss the development of Latino women in the U.S. with guest experts. Telemundo’s “Al Rojo Vivo” will also participate in the campaign with segments focused on relevant topics. Locally, Telemundo stations will highlight local women empowerment stories on the “Mujer de Hoy” segment.

“Telemundo’s mission to inform, empower, inspire and entertain is perfectly aligned with the goals of ‘Mujer de Hoy,’” said Jacqueline Hernández, chief operating officer, Telemundo Media. “We know how important Latinas are to their families and to the U.S. Hispanic community as a whole and we are committed to enhancing women’s lives through a vibrant multimedia campaign, following in the strong tradition of Telemundo’s community-focused pro-social initiatives.”

“Latinas are the agent for change in our community. Empowering them empowers the whole family, our community and our country. We are honored to join Telemundo Media in this effort. We look forward to bringing to your attention these heroes who day to day give all they have to make our lives better. Join us in celebrating Telemundo Media’s campaign to recognize the Latinas in our community. They truly represent the best our community has to offer,” said Robert Bard, president and CEO of LATINA Style.


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