nuvoTV’s OPERATION: OSMIN Returns for a Bolder and More Intense Second Season

nuvoTV’s hit series, OPERATION: OSMIN returns for a life-changing second season on Friday, Jan. 13 at 10:00PM(EST/PST)/9:00PM(Central) — just in time to kick-start viewers’ New Year’s resolutions and fitness goals! Fearless former Cuban military officer turned celebrity fitness guru Osmin Hernandez, who has trained hard-bodied Hollywood A-listers like Mickey Rourke, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Gloria Estefan, will transform the lives of 20 ordinary people this season.

This time around the training is harder, the challenges are more intense and the mind/body transformations are unforgettable. In each episode, the testosterone-charged, no-nonsense fitness workouts to create insane body-reshaping results in only 30 days, whipping his recruits into the best mental and physical shape of their lives — if they can handle it!

Season two participants include folks from every walk of life — from America’s bravest, including a cop duo and a pair of firefighters, to an unassuming suburban mom with plans to shape up to pose for Playboy and a tough-talking football jock who is nearly sidelined by Osmin’s intensity. They each willingly put themselves on the line, working out in a gorilla suit, trudging a jungle barefoot, exercising in a lightning storm, trying to outrun a train coming head on, and going to such extremes that at least one recruit ends up in an ambulance and another goes M.I.A.! You’ll break a sweat just watching all the action of Season 2 unfold!

“The viewer response to Operation: Osmin has been incredible, making it one of the most watched original series in our network’s history. He has established a strong and passionate fan base,” said Maria Perez-Brown, nuvoTV’s senior vice president of programming. “Osmin is a force of nature to be reckoned with and you can always expect the unexpected. His interaction with recruits is fun, heartfelt and always entertaining, making him a perfect fit for the nuvoTV brand.”

The new season features a sexy, high-energy cast of recruits:

o Sarah is a curvy, charismatic Miami gal with an upbeat spirit and active lifestyle. Dancing at SoBe’s hottest clubs provides this beach lover with good cardio, but she wants to shed a few extra pounds just to keep up.
o Sharlene and Francisco are roommates and aspiring performers who dream of shaping up and conquering Hollywood. Will Osmin be as successful as a Cuban Cecil B. DeMille and get this starry-eyed duo ready for their close up?
o Mark and Celine are happily married parents, but family focus and the daily grind have stalled their once active lives. Osmin may be the spark they need to recharge their spirit.
o Eric is a motorcycle-riding badass and aspiring pro footballer. His job as a construction worker keeps him active but his overall motivation and fitness routine are in serious need of an overhaul following an accident that threw a wrench into his once active life.
o “Yandi” is a Miami native whose Cuban good looks launched a stint as a plus-size model. She’s besties with her challenge co-conspirator, Margaret, an ex-plus-size model turned agent. Both are looking to firm up in the name of sexiness and career success.
o Rosalyn is a medical biller and Boca Raton mom of seven who dreams of being a model. And not just any model – she wants to shape up so she can strip down for Playboy!
o Lichele balances a career with raising three very active kids. Despite her hectic schedule, the busy single mom has found time to pick up a few vices — smoking and pizza. But Osmin is not far behind to put things into a healthier perspective.
o Lori and Jelen are thirtysomething friends and co-workers. An upcoming cruise has these fun-loving gals looking for a quick shape up before shipping out on the party boat.
o Don and John are police officers who hope Osmin can steer them toward a healthier lifestyle that will combat the stress and fatigue of their chaotic career.
o Joe and Alejandro, an unemployed Miami dad and his teen son, are two burly guys looking to drop about 20 pounds each.
o Jeff and Armando, a pair of Florida firefighters, seek Osmin’s help to get in better shape to meet the grueling physical demands of their demanding career. But the trainer’s request for the guys to abstain from sex with their girlfriends during the 30-day challenge causes their motivation to quickly go limp.
o Luisa is a young mom of three, including a six-month-old, who signs on with the hope of dropping 25 pounds of ‘baby’ fat. What she doesn’t know is that she will be made to confront her fear of heights in the process – from the top of a lighthouse!
o Babette is a devoted wife who plans to slim down and tone up to look hot for her hubby upon his return home from lengthy business trip. But a fitness challenge set in a strip club may be way too steamy for this shy beauty to handle.

Viewers and fans across America can follow Operation: Osmin on Facebook at <> to view past episodes, exclusive video and photos from the show.


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