mun2 tackles Taboos of Race and Ethnicity with ‘Black and Latino’


mun2 explores how Latinos are changing the way America understands race and ethnicity.  Drawing from the uniquely American stories of Latino celebrities, musicians and journalists of African heritage including singer/actress Christina Milian (American Pie), actor Laz Alonso (Avatar), actress Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), and MSNBC journalist Soledad O’Brien, the web original explores an important yet often misrepresented segment of the US Latino population.  “Black and Latino” debuts today, (January 11th) on

“As part of our commitment to reflecting the diversity and dynamism of US Latino identity, we are honored to share these provocative and poignant stories of celebrities who live and work at the intersection of so many cultures,” says Jose Marquez, VP Interactive Strategy, Telemundo and mun2.

Other interviews with American tastemakers include “The Voice” season one winner Javier Colon, actresses Gina Torres (The Matrix) and Judy Reyes (Scrubs), pop singer Kat de Luna, magazine editor Mimi Valdes and music video director Jessy Terrero (50 Cent’s The New Breed), who relate their own previously untold experiences of working through the unreasonable constraints of stereotypes in both Hispanic and mainstream culture.  The short, made-for-web documentary also features man-on-the-street interviews with Generation Y Latinos who provide a refreshingly nuanced understanding of race and identity in contemporary America.


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