Latino Entertainers Making Waves in Tech and TV

By Nina Terrero (

Selena Gomez – Tech Investor?

Mexican-American Selena Gomez is known across the globe thanks to her acting and singing chops, but her latest business venture is of a decidedly different stripe: she’ll be diving headfirst into the world of tech start-ups as an investor.

Gomez, who has 9 million Twitter followers and 25 million Facebook “Likes” to date, has decided to invest in the “Postcard on the Run” mobile device application company. The application allows users to send e-postcards and personalized photos from their mobile phone. “I’ve always loved the old-fashioned touch of sending real postcards, but I never have time anymore with my busy travel schedule,” said Gomez in a company press release. “In just seconds, I can send personalized photo postcards to my family and friends right from my phone.” In addition to being an investor in the fledging app, the 19 year-old UNICEF ambassador has been named the tech company’s creative advisor.

Ricky Martin Begins Filming “Glee” Episode

Spoiler alert:there’s a new teacher at McKinley High! Ricky Martin has officially begun taping a guest role on the hit show “Glee” that’s slated to air later this month. The Puerto Rican heartthrob will guest star as a Spanish teacher who quickly becomes a favorite of the New Directions glee club. As a result, vocal coach William Schuster (played by Matthew Morrison) will challenge the “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer to a sing-off.

“So he does a song, I do a song,” Morrison told Access Hollywood about the episode.” “His will be an LMFAO song and mine will be an Elvis Presley song – in Spanish.”

Martin’s guest spot will be followed by an episode starring fellow music superstar Gloria Estefan. Estefan will play the mom of cheerleader Santana Lopez (played by Puerto Rican-American actress Naya Rivera) in an upcoming episode of the musical comedy.

Alexa Vega takes on Teen Pregnancy Project

Adorable “Spy Kids” star Alexa Vega is all grown up and will star in an upcoming film “The Pregnancy Project.” The movie, which will air on Lifetime Television on Jan. 28th, chronicles the real story of Gaby Rodriguez, a Washington state high school student who decided to tackle the stereotypes surrounding teenage pregnancy as her senior project. With a fake baby bump and a journal to record the reactions of her friends and teachers, Rodriguez reveals her mission and the valuable lessons learned by her escapade.  The movie is based on the book “The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir,” written by the real-life Gaby Rodriguez.


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