nuvoTV launches Social Viewing Experience

nuvoTV and Ooyala have partnered to launch an innovative marketing campaign through which cross-device, social TV experiences increase viewership and drive overall fan engagement for hit shows like Operation: Osmin and others.

Debuting earlier this month, nuvoTV delivered the first-ever multi-platform launch of a season premier both on-air and on Facebook with the first episode of the new season of Operation: Osmin. Using an interactive Facebook app and embedded player developed by Ooyala, nuvoTV substantially increased its viewership for the season two premiere of its reality TV hit Operation: Osmin via Facebook. nuvoTV will continue to use Facebook for special promotional events to drive social engagement around its content and to increase tune-in to its full range of programming available.

“Ooyala’s personalized viewing experiences optimized for multiple devices and platforms give us a strong marketing platform to drive significant audience growth and engagement,” said Rafe Oller, senior vice president of marketing for nuvoTV. “Combined with the deep level of consumer insights we get from Ooyala’s analytics, we’re now able to deliver the best personal viewing experience anywhere.”

“This is a great step forward for social television,” said Bismarck Lepe, co-founder and president of Ooyala. “nuvoTV’s innovative strategy underscores the tremendous power and potential of multi-platform, cross-device viewing. The convergence of digital video and social this year will enable networks to inspire deeper and more interactive engagement with their content.”

“Ooyala technology is enabling us to harness the power of social networks for promoting our content throughout the season and grow leadership in our demographic,” Oller added. “Broader, quality exposure to programming is critical, but it is only part of the equation. You need to engage viewers on a personal level and create an emotional connection with your program’s brand.”


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