Super Bowl or Super Copa?

By Susana Baumann (

In this photo released by Mars, a 10-foot statue of the latest M&M’S character, Ms. Brown, is unveiled at the M&M’S World Store, Monday, Jan. 30, 2012 in New York. Ms. Brown will make her debut during a commercial that will air during the first quarter of Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday. (AP Photo/M&Ms, Gary He)

While women get ready to celebrate their Super Bowl Widows’ Day, millions of men are rushing to get their beer cases, hot wings, and all-you-can-eat junk food for this coming Sunday. Yes, 2012 Super Bowl is finally here. Excitement is double for fans in the Northeast. The faceoff brings two major opponents on the field again this year, the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, who had a similar encounter in 2008. The Patriots were left “con la sangre en el ojo” (fuming).

Now there is a second chance and a real luxury game, according to the experts.

Nevertheless, the excitement has been running for months, especially around this unique event‘s advertisers and their agencies. Sunday, the men separate from the boys both on the football field and in the advertising arena.

Advertising around the Super Bowl can give a pulse on the state of the industry and the economy. Long-time runners might back off while “newbies” might come in, according to the year’s developments and expectations.

The list for the 2012 Super Bowl was announced back in December, but the final contenders will not be seen until the very day of the event. On top of the traditional announcers such as Anheuser-BuschCoca-ColaHondaToyota andCareerBuilder, the new kids on the block seem to be Samsung, Century 21, H&MPepsiCo/Doritos and General Motors are back. FedEx is definitely gone, or at least, just doing some peripheral advertising.

In this photo released by H&M on Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2012, English soccer star David Beckham poses for the David Beckham Bodywear Collection for H&M advertising campaign. H&M will debut a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl featuring Beckham and his collection. (AP Photo/H&M)

Among 2012 Super Bowl advertisers, Pepsi MAX is back as the official soft drink of the NFL, with lessons learned, after last year’s drawback. New players include Century 21, a company that is testing the waters and betting to the eventual real estate market recovery. H&M will try to bring the excitement of soccer celebrity David Beckham into the 2012 Super Bowl with expectations of creating a global consumer market for his Bodywear Collection.

Celebrities Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno will play in the third quarter on a first-timer Acura commercial to reinforce its brand awareness.Matthew Broderick is promoting the all-new 2012 Honda CR-V in a multiplatform advertising campaign–a coming of age re-make of his “Mathew’s Day Off” (directed by Todd Phillips) that began earlier this month running teasers on YouTube.

For 2012, the name of the game is to create appeal through new platforms. “This year’s advertisers will extend their reach far beyond the traditional 30-second spot to fully integrate social media, public relations and other non-traditional elements into their marketing campaigns”, says the Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review team.

In addition, the real development around the event has been the big push to attract Latinos this year. American football is not a Latino favorite–or at least, not as baseball or soccer are around the world. Attracted by their $1.3 million buying power, advertisers will indulge millions of Latino fans creating excitement around the game with specific strategies.

“The National Football League wants to make the Super Bowl the most-watched sports event among Hispanics”, says Laura Martinez. Advertisers expect to target at least double the 1.5 to 2 million regular season Hispanic viewers during the 2012 Super Bowl event.

An effort that started several years ago, the strategy includes not only TV ads but also a multiplatform effort with online, radio, print and previous events’ production. The–a Spanish site featuring the events– has increased viewership by leaps and bounds in the last seasons, just including description of side-line events: Latino football players’ activities, children’s clinics, and grass-root activities. This excitement has enticed major advertisers to produce Spanish versions of their commercials to be present at Spanish-language broadcast networks.

PepsiCo is hoping a touchdown with a double play: Doritos –a Hispanic favorite– and Papa John’s new partnership. While Pepsi MAX will be included in the Papa John’s promotion at their website, Pepsi MAX enrolled celebrity Regis Philbin to star on their “Check-Out” commercial, the newest edition of the brand’s Cola Wars campaign.

Together, PepsiCo and Univision put together the popularUnivision Pepsi Música Fan Jam concert to take place February 1 with famous musicians Don Omar and L. Hernandez, preceding a series of nightly events.

Taped to be aired by Univision, the traditional Tazon Latino VI will take place on February 2. A nationally televised game between former NFL players and Latino celebrities, this year will feature former Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates, Super Bowl XXXVII champions and Hall of Famers. Latino celebrities will include Iraq war veteran and 2011 “Dancing with the Stars” Champion Jr. Martinez and award winning chef, restaurateur and television star Aaron Sanchez, among others.

“As the most-watched television event in the United States”, say Professors Calkins and Rucker, “the super Bowl presents advertisers with one of the best opportunities to reach a mass audience. The decision to invest in a $3.5 million spot is not solely about the 30 seconds… Rather, the Super Bowl today has become a valuable platform for creating buzz –before, during and after the game.”

As the state of the economy is slowly recovering, Super Bowl is a hopeful blitz for the advertising industry, the sports organizations, and the media. Some companies will make of the Super Bowl their best bet for months to come, expecting “the trickle down” effect and a growing return of their investment. However, as in the game, some will win and some will lose.


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