Digital Hispanics Are Best Multitaskers

By Karl Greenberg (

Several — maybe just about all — advertisers in major media events like the Super Bowl are augmenting their big media commitments with the kind of digital integration that begs the question: can people do more while watching the game, or any TV show, than eat nachos and drink beer?

Specifically, can they be digital multitaskers? An affirmative answer is more likely to happen among Internet-savvy Hispanics, according to the LMX Hispanic study, a yearly poll of 2000 U.S. Hispanic digital respondents by Ipsos MediaCT.

Ipsos defines “Hispanic digitals” as those with some degree of online access they can access anywhere — which is a pretty broad definition. The study focused on a cohort of English-dominant, bilingual and Spanish-dominant consumers, garnered from online and in-person interviews. Once chosen, the subjects kept 24-hour media and activities diaries and usage and attitudes modules.

The study found that digital Hispanics now spend 42% of their media time multitasking, meaning they are more likely than the general population to do things like combine TV viewing with online behavior. The study also finds that most of Hispanics’ online usage is around social networking, and that Hispanics spend 12 minutes more per day multitasking than does the general population.

Within the Hispanic Web-savvy demographic, those who are bilingual and Spanish-dominant are more likely than English-dominant digital Hispanics to do social networking. And according to Ipsos, 80% of Hispanics who are active with digital technology are also a member of a social network, with 90% of those connecting weekly, and 60% check in daily.

The researchers also found that half of digital Hispanic video viewers use two screens to view video media, while about 10% use three. And while most video viewing among Hispanics is still dominated by TV, digital Hispanics use alternative TV and video channels a little more than does the general online population. The firm says 85% of digital Hispanics view video on a TV, 51% on a TV and computer and only 8% on a TV and computer, and smartphone.


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