Pizza Patron returns to Pizza por Pesos

Five years after weathering the media firestorm that erupted when Pizza Patron advertised its Pizza por Pesos promotion, the company announced that it is planning three new campaigns for 2012 designed to celebrate the brand’s Latino roots.

In January 2007, Pizza Patron launched Pizza por Pesos announcing that it would accept Mexican pesos at all of its U.S. locations. When company executives received threats over the program, Pizza Patron was catapulted into the international news spotlight. Today, every Pizza Patron location across the U.S. continues to gladly accept Mexican pesos (bills only) as a method of payment.

“In 2007, when we began accepting Mexican pesos at our restaurants, it admittedly generated a lot of negative feedback,” said Andrew Gamm, brand director for Pizza Patron. “But, in the end we received a preponderance of positive support from our customers, the American people, and business advocates from around the world.”

This year, Pizza Patron will roll out three new campaigns that will reinforce the brand’s commitment to its Hispanic roots and honor the positive force of change immigrants bring to communities throughout America. The first campaign is slated for late April and will celebrate the language that unifies most Hispanics. The second campaign, scheduled for a July 4th launch, will honor the history of American immigration. The final campaign in October will promote community action and will feature Mexican pesos, putting a Latin twist on the company’s annual fundraising efforts for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“Five years after Pizza por Pesos our brand focus remains laser sharp,” said Gamm. “With these new campaigns, we want to send a message to our core customers that we are here for them, and we are here to stay.”


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