HispanicsAreDead (HAD) is a movement to eliminate the term “hispanic” as a cultural barrier and outdated consumer description of American Latinos in the US. The U.S. Census Bureau coined the term “Hispanic” to describe people of Spanish-speaking origin. It did not originate from within the group, it is associated either with the Spanish colonial era or with the US government. This term describes their past. This group cannot be defined by their past, but instead by their present, future, and who they want to be. American Latinos are resilient, connected, and their hybrid sense of self define them as cultural citizens. They are constantly reinventing themselves while embracing, defending and maintaining American values.

We showcase a vision that focuses on the “American Latino” identity of this group rather than “Hispanic,”. “American latino” hints at a sense of independence of this ethnic group, it is an affirmation of the self and not a distorted image of somebody who is still attached and signified by another group, language, or country. HAD is about manifesting this new identity, this new self, one that is not only free from stereotypes but that is also global and an integrated in the contemporary world, where Latinos contribute with their dreams, ideas, and culture.

“Hispanic” is one-dimensional, it does not take into account the complexities of these individuals. “Hispanic” has grown to become a stereotypical term with limiting labels that are often related to education level, socio-economic, and legal status. “Hispanics” only reflects and generalizes that these people are less educated, hypersexual, not proficient in English, family oriented, old-fashioned, and rooted in their traditions and places of origin. These stereotypes are not only labels, but they are often internalized. These stereotypes have become a blurring of identifiers. In order to detach from the existing stereotypes and barriers, we have chosen to make HispanicsAreDead one word.

American Latinos are people who came to this country because they want the very values it represents, they believe in protecting America and the values of this nation. American Lations, know the impact of those values in their behavior will allow them to achieve their goals and dreams. HispanicsAreDead wants to become a facilitator for this evolving, global and integrated identity in the contemporary world. If we continue to American Latinos as an emanation of someone else, we deprive them the right to exist all together. We want to provoke a positive social change by recognizing American Latinos’ new identity and their present and future intellectual and economic contributions.

As social entrepreneurs we all have the responsibility to break through the barrier and debunk the myths and perceptions that have been overshadowing who they really are and limiting where they can go. Please join us on this movement and be open to educating others about your identity today! Let’s involve everyone: friends, teachers, mothers and fathers, local business owners, local government officials, young professionals in this new and exciting movement!

In addition to over 250 interviews with American Latinos that were the inspiration for the creation of HispanicsAreDead, , the movement is backed by allied partners and more than 5,000 Latino voters online.


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