Beauty brands want Latina bloggers to friend them

Latina bloggers have been the target of the affections of big beauty brands like CoverGirl, Mary Kay, Pantene and more. (Courtesy Latina Bloggers Connect)

By Adrian Carasquillo (

Cosmetic companies have come to a conclusion in 2012: the road to becoming #1 with Hispanics goes through Latina bloggers.

“Latinas over-index in hair and beauty in general,” says Jeanette Kaplun, co-founder and Chief Content Officer of TodoBebe. “Latinas of all ages, young or old want to look their best, which makes reaching out to Latina bloggers a huge market opportunity.”

The statistics back up Kaplun. A study released on November 30, 2011 found that between 2000 and 2009, spending by Latino consumers on personal care products and services grew to $7.5 billion from $5.3 billion — an increase of 41 percent.

Kaplun was part of a Valentine’s Day campaign between Covergirl and Pantene which tried to channel looks inspired by actress Eva Mendes, 1950’s glamour and yes – Greek mythology. Kaplun, Adriana Castro of El Diario de La Moda and Rosy Cordero of Accidental Sexiness were part of the initiative.

But this focus on Latina bloggers is not new.

Latina bloggers get a makeover from Mary Kay at the Latinos in Social Media conference in Chicago in November, 2011. (Courtesy Rachel Matos)

“One of the reasons brands contact Latina beauty or fashion bloggers is because they recognize the influence we have with our readers,” says BeChicMag founder Mercedes Sanchez, adding she doesn’t feel obligated to write about, use or mention a company’s products.

“As a beauty journalist and blogger, I like to learn about new products, their technology and why it may benefit me and my viewers,” she says. “Many of my readers can relate to adult acne, dark spots and have tons of questions about the latest makeup and hair products. So whenever I’m invited to an event or press trip, I spend most of my time live-tweeting, gathering information, trying out the products and reporting back to my readers—that’s what it’s all about.”

Sanchez was invited to the Proctor and Gamble hair and cosmetics science labs in Ohio in 2010. Last year she went to Chicago where Mary Kay performed makeovers to four Latina bloggers.

Ana Flores, founder of Latina Bloggers Connect and SpanglishBaby, has done campaigns with Mary Kay and Artistry, an Amway brand. She says Latina bloggers have a valuable connection to their readers.

“It goes back to the research that has been done recently, readers and the general public trust bloggers more than spokespersons. Whether it’s moms like Jeanette and I or Mercedes who is the everyday girl who still wants to stay fashionable. They can identify with us,” she says.

“Latina bloggers provide something that is credible, affordable and accessible.”


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