INTERVIEW: Dania Ramirez Takes A Slice of American Pie

From CineMovie.TV

AMERICAN REUNION’s Dania Rarmirez joins the original American Pie gang for another raunchy comedy and CineMovie sat down with the Latina actress in our video interview.

Dania Ramirez is a newcomer to the American Pie reunion but the Dominican Republican actress is used to joining successful ensembles on television and movies. The 33-year old first came to attention in X-Men: The Last Standas Magneto’s mutant hench woman and went on to recurring roles on high-profile television series such as “Entourage,” “Heroes” and the last season of “The Sopranos.” Dania told CineMovie’s Naibe Reynoso she wasn’t fazed about joining an existing ensemble because she’s done it enough, but it was her first time joining a comedy ensemble.  The ice was broken on her first day of shooting when the first scene entailed seeing Jason Biggsprivate parts through a clear lid. The rest of the shoot came “easy,” according to Dania.

In AMERICAN REUNION, Dania plays Selena Vega — Michelle’s former band camp mate who went from an ugly duckling to the sexy bartender who takes up with Finch. While hard to believe, Dania told CineMovie she could relate to Selena because she too was an awkward teen in “true life.”  She describes herself as a “tomboy” with a short afro who “grew into her features.”

When it came to rating AMERICAN REUNION on the raunch scale, the actress put the American Pie reunion movie between 10 and 12.  Rate it yourself when AMERICAN REUNION opens in movie theaters April 6.


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