Jennifer Lopez Makes Love In New Music Video ‘Dance Again’ (VIDEO)

From HuffPost LatinoVoices

Jennifer Lopez may have gone through a very painful, very public divorce from singer Marc Anthony last year, but in her new music video “Dance Again,” the Puerto Rican superstar makes it abundantly clear that she’s ready to live, love, and dance again.

The video, which Lopez premiered on ‘American Idol’ last night, features Cuban rapper Pitbull (who J-Lo collaborated with on last year’s hit “On the Floor”) and Lopez’s 24-year-old boyfriend, dancer and choreographer Casper Smart.

The raunchy music video features a group of people partaking in what seems to be a masked orgy, a close-up of J-Lo’s famous derrière, and an elaborately choreographed dance scene between Lopez and Smart that’s not suitable for younger audiences.

But Lopez says what she loves about “Dance Again” is the message of the song: “That when something bad happens, your life is not over,” she said. “You have to get up. You’re gonna live. You’re gonna be okay. You’re gonna dance again.”


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