Sponsor Target supports bicultural parents as they tackle baby names, religion, superstitions, immigration, language & more – show premiers every Monday at 9pm, starting April 16th 

Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más, one of the leading bilingual/bicultural entertainment destinations for Latinos in the U.S., announced today the premier of the viewer-inspired series Quiero Mi Baby. Following fan-favorite predecessors Quiero Mis Quinces and Quiero Mi Boda, the new series unveils the realities of cross-cultural parenting. New parents clash and families challenge each other on language, religion, deeply rooted traditions, superstitions, day care, immigration and raising their baby far from family, among other realities. Show sponsor Target  demonstrates their support for bicultural couples adjusting to parenthood by featuring product integrations on the show and on The first season of Quiero Mi Baby premiers every Monday at 9 p.m. starting April 16th.
“This new series is a direct response to the relatable and authentic content that our growing bilingual/bicultural audience hungers for on the small screen,” said Charlie Singer. ”Time and time again, our research and ratings show that the importance of celebrating these milestones is the common thread among our beloved Latino viewers.”
Tr3s scores Latin rising star Eli Jas for the series bilingual theme song “De Nuevo”.  The network introduced Eli Jas as part of its Descubre & Download artist in January 2012 and her debut single “Tú Me Haces Volar” drew thousands of downloads making her the most successful D&D to date. Her unique mash up of pop production over Bachata grooves is incredibly infectious, a style that stems from the authenticity of Eli Jas.

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