Chain Offers Free Pizza If You Order in Spanish

Texas-based company’s promotion draws predictable heat

By David Griner (AdWeek)

The “Speak English or leave” fringe of anglo America has a new reason to hate Spanish speakers: They get free pizza. Texas-based chain Pizza Patron has announced it will give a free large pepperoni pizza to anyone who orders in Spanish on the evening of June 5. It’s not the first attention-grabbing promotion by the chain, which announced in 2007 it would accept pesos as payment. The giveaway has, as you’d expect, sparked national debate among social conservatives who fear the encroachment of Latino culture. “No thank you for your racist promotion. The native language in the USA is English,” notes one Facebook commenter quoted by ABC News. I feel the same way about America’s proud native language, which is why I always insist on ordering my pizzas in a Shoshone Uto-Aztecan dialect.

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