Sofia Vergara debuts makeover as comedy’s first lady Lucille Ball

By Nina Terrero (

Sofia Vergara may be a natural blonde but she’s rocking a head of brilliant red curls in her newest look.

The funny woman and “Modern Family” star recently posted an adorable photo of herself channeling comedic icon Lucille Ball on her WhoSay account. Wearing a red wig, 50s style earrings, crimson lipstick and polka dotted frock, Vergara channels the deceased “I Love Lucy” actress perfectly, down to the comedian’s signature open-mouthed, somewhat startled look.

“Lucyyyyy I’m hooome,” tweeted Vergara Sunday, echoing the words Cuban actor Desi Arnaz made famous on the scripted comedy. No word as to whether why Vergara donned the elaborate costume, but it’s just the latest in news-making fashion choices for the 40-year-old as she was recently spotted rocking a fake baby bump while filming an upcoming episode of “Modern Family.”


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