Tide launches Bilingual TV Commercials.

According to a study by the Pew Hispanic Center, differences in language show a correlation to difference on points of views among U.S. Hispanics; moreover, language is a key factor in the process of assimilation of Latinos in the United States, with recently immigrated Hispanics being more proficient in Spanish and in contrast English use becoming dominant by the third generation. To reflect this reality and target all levels of acculturation in a U.S. Hispanic household, Tide® created its first bilingual commercials for national English and Spanish TV stations.

“While we want to communicate with Hispanic consumers in their language of preference, we also understand that Hispanic identity is much deeper than language: it involves a more ingrained set of values that has an impact in all aspects of their lives,” said Sundar Raman, Marketing Director, P&G Fabric Care. “The launch of Tide’s first bilingual ad is a benchmark for our brand as we continue to develop products and campaigns that respond to the needs of this growing demographic.”

The bilingual spots feature Tide VIVID White + Bright and Boost and are part of a broader bilingual campaign that includes other advertising vehicles such as iMedia, broadband and social media. The spot for the Spanish TV networks started airing on August 14 and the spot for English stations will air during the first weekend of Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 – 17.

In the :30 and :15 second ads, a Spanish-speaking traditional Hispanic grandmother brags about her use of modern-day products, talking about using Tide VIVID White + Bright and Boost for her whites. The commercials also feature her acculturated granddaughter who comments about her grandmother’s fabric whitening not-so-modern regimen that, up until a week ago included traditional home remedies such as chlorine bleach, salt, milk and lemon. The commercial closes with the grandmother saying that Tide VIVID White + Bright and Boost keeps her whites looking like new, wash after wash. The granddaughter agrees and closes with, “Actually, that part is true.”

The playful scenario exemplifies the dynamic between older and younger Hispanic generations and illustrates how older generations are replacing traditional remedies with modern-day products that are designed to make home chores such as laundry, easier. While the TV spots for English and Spanish stations are different, the strategy and overall message is consistent. The differences deliver on contextual relevancy, for example, in the spot for English stations the Grandmother asks the granddaughter to please translate what she is saying to the audience.

“We work every day to develop products and campaigns that allow us to connect in a meaningful way with our consumers,” said Sundar Raman, Marketing Director, P&G Fabric Care. “Being able to talk to the Hispanic consumer in the way that better suits them allows us to be closer to them and learn more about their likes and preferences.”

In addition to the bilingual commercial, Tide has also enlisted the help of actress Betty White, the ultimate Hollywood rule breaker, to spread the word about Tide VIVID White + Bright and Boost. Betty is appearing in national English television and online advertising for Tide VIVID White + Bright and Boost, as well as on in-store materials wherever the product is sold. The ads capture the humor and mischief that Betty is known for and highlight how she “breaks the rules of white” while using Tide VIVID White + Bright and Boost.


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  1. I think it is ridiculous to air a bilingial commercial in the USA. We are all decendants from immigrants, mine being from Italy. As grandchildren we took turns going grocery shopping with our grandmother. Did she have problems buying what she needed. No.

    The consumer pays too much as it is for bilingual packaging, and I can only imagine how much more should all companies choose bilingual commercials. I posted my dislike on the Tide Facebook page and it disappeared in a New York minute. I also emailed Proctor and Gamble and have yet to receive a response. I know it won’t make a hill of beans to them, but coming from a family who has used nothing but Tide for fifty plus years, I will never use it again. It is time to make a stand for our freedoms, which my anscestors have fought and died for, and I will exercise my freedom of speeh until I am hoarse.

  2. No one is saying you can’t speak English. You’re just worried about being an old white lady who can’t speak Spanish. It’s America, baby, and the only real language is $ – the Latino market has the $ – it’s the future – get used to it.

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