Daisy Fuentes launches LUXHAIR WOW

Daisy Fuentes announced the launch of LUXHAIR WOW by Daisy Fuentes, a full wardrobe of easy-to-use, accessible, fashionable hairstyles.

Daisy’s hands-on role in designing these wigs and re-creating the latest celebrity trends has resulted in one of the most varied hair wardrobes for fashion-forward women looking to change their look without the commitment.  “Women have always asked me for my beauty and fashion secrets and I’m excited to finally share one of my best hair secrets with the world,” says Daisy Fuentes.  “Having gorgeous hair has never been easier.  With my new collection, changing your hair style or color is as easy as changing your dress.”

According to Michael Kleinman, Brand Architect of LUXHAIR, “Daisy Fuentes has enjoyed an enduring career for more than 25 years in entertainment.  What we love about Daisy is that she understands the value of having the ability to change a hairstyle as easily as changing a pair of shoes or lipstick.  A role model for many, we chose Daisy to help design the LUXHAIR WOW collection because of her passion of empowering women by helping them look and feel their best.”


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