Rick Sanchez to Join News Team at MundoFox

Rick Sanchez, formerly of CNN, is joining Noticias MundoFox.

By Tanzina Vega (NY Times)

Rick Sanchez, the former CNN news anchor, will join the national news team of MundoFox, the newest Spanish-language network in the United States.

Mr. Sanchez, who is bilingual, will contribute daily segments to the network in Spanish and will also host several news specials a year. He will be based in Miami.

Before making the move to Noticias MundoFox, Mr. Sanchez had been a contributor to Fox News and Fox News Latino, the English-language Web site that creates content for American Latinos. Mr. Sanchez anchored the election night coverage online for Fox News Latino, which was in Spanish, and will continue to be a contributor there.

“I’m excited about MundoFox especially because MundoFox is really about the conversation that we’ve had about reaching out to that highly interactive first-, second- and third-generation Latino who resides in the United States and who, for the most part, have not been represented in the dissemination of news in the Unites States,” Mr. Sanchez said in an interview.

Mr. Sanchez, a very active user of Twitter, said he hoped to use the platform in his new role. “We want to make sure that we were not just talking to viewers but allowing viewers to talk back,” he said.

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