2013 Revolucionario Awards Winners Unveiled

The Social Revolución, the official Latino event at the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival celebrating online Latino trendsetters, has announced the winners of the 2013 Revolucionario Awards. Seven award recipients from the United States and Latin America will be recognized during the Revolucionario Awards at The Social Revolución on March 12, 2013 at Ballet Austin.

After over 23,000 online community votes and the evaluation of a panel of judges, seven winners were selected from the 170 nominations received in the following three categories. The New Americano recognizes trendsetting individuals and organizations impacting the Latino market online. The Mobilizer salutes Latinos using social media as a strategy to mobilize their audience behind local or international causes. Individuals redefining how Latinos are reached online, whether through a new app, website, or other digital tool, are celebrated in The Innovator category. The Líder of the Social Revolución is awarded to a recipient who embodies all three categories.

Winning The Mobilizer category are Axel Caballero <http://www.thesocialrevolucion.com/nominee/axel-caballero/>, director and producer of Cuéntame, and Joaquin H. Guerra <http://www.thesocialrevolucion.com/nominee/joaquin-h-guerra/>, a digital strategist and immigrant advocate.

The Innovator award went to Mi Vida Tec – with Rosa Alonso <http://www.thesocialrevolucion.com/nominee/2013-nominee-mi-vida-tec-with-rosa-alonso/>, which uses social media to share new technology trends, digital and social news online in English and Spanish, and Magaly Chocano <http://www.thesocialrevolucion.com/nominee/2013-nominee-magaly-chocano/>, who launched Swebapps, the first build-your-own-app platform.

There was a three-way tie for the 2013 New Americano awards. This award went to Viviana Hurtado <http://www.thesocialrevolucion.com/nominee/2013-nomineeviviana-hurtado-ph-d/>, an award-winning journalist and founder of The Wise Latinas Club, Laura Donnelly Gonzalez and Alicia Rascon <http://www.thesocialrevolucion.com/nominee/2013-nominee-laura-donnelly-gonzalez-and-alicia-rascon/>, who have empowered over 20,000 young Latinas through their non-profit organization Latinitas, and Dream Activists <http://www.thesocialrevolucion.com/nominee/dream-activists/>, an online network of social media activists that advocate the enactment of the DREAM Act by sharing the stories of individual DREAMers online.

The 2013 Líder of the Revolución honor goes to all DREAMers; to the countless individuals and organizations that have borne and spread the dreamer movement.



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