Pepsi Next Goes After Hispanic Market with William Levy

By Mark Miller (

With the Hispanic market being one of the fastest growing consumer demographics around, its no surprise that brands have started to tailor marketing campaigns to their preferences. Pepsi is no different, as their latest campaign stars one of Latin America’s hunkiest male embassadors—William Levy.

Pepsi Next is promoting a giveaway of 400,000 free sodas with an interactive “Wheel of Levy” and six videos starring the actor playing different, albeit cheesy, roles.

Levy’s videos, which are available in both English and Spanish on YouTube, feature the hunky actor in six different short parodies that all end up with him offering up Pepsi Next to help solve whatever the issue is in each storyline. His characters include a doctor, rock star, Star Trek-inspired space captain, romantic, action hero and a theater performer. After consumers spin the wheel and watch a video, they are presented with a coupon to redeem a free Pepsi Next.

Pepsi sure isn’t shying away from the fact that it’s using sex to sell its product. As the Wheel of Levy loads, the initial text that comes up reads, “William Levy seduces your tastebuds with the power of acting.” The Wheel of Levy also gives consumers plenty of opportunities to share the videos via Facebook and Twitter.

“I’m excited to show fans a few unexpected sides of myself to help quench their thirst for a great tasting cola with less sugar,” Levy said in a release. “Whether it’s rocking out or fighting bad guys, I’m giving it my all to ensure you won’t be able to resist the unbelievable taste of Pepsi Next.” The new campaign is reminiscent of Pepsi Next’s first marketing push last year, Adweek points out. In that case, the brand rolled out a partnership with Funny or Die to create shareable videos.

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  1. Pepsi has always been in the Hispanic market. You make it sound like it’s Pepsi first brand ambassador to target Hispanics. Well my friend, back in the late 80’s early 90’s, Latinos were creating quite a buzz in all general market segments. Pepsi back then jump on the bandwagon with Paul Rodriguez and the moniker PEPSI MAN. Please be more creative in describing actual engagements that just seen to mirror past accomplishments. If Pepsi really wanted to create new synergies, I my opinion are more creative energies to evolve. This just mirrors another face, that’s currently hot. Just like Paul Rodriguez Pepsi Man, in the 90’s. Pepsi needs to crawl out under the disguise of new, hot, trendy, and create real life experiences that are innovative and out of this world…..

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