JLO Goes to Washington With Message of Diversity on TV and NUVOtv (**VIDEO**)


From LatinHeat.com

Jennifer Lopez  made the rounds this past June 11th in Washington D.C. as NUVOtv’s new Chief Creative Officer.  Starting off with a guest appearance at the The Cable Show at the Convention Center, she had one mission to promote the NUVOtv channel and lobby for more access and diversity on television.

As NUVOtv’s CCO, Ms. Lopez is serious about fighting for more diverse programming and a more multicultural approach to television.  Ms. Lopez was the latest addition to an impressive lineup of General Session speakers that shared viewpoints about today’s ever-changing entertainment landscape.

Selected quotes from the interview:

“Even though I think things have changed — you see a lot of Latinos on TV — it’s not really a reflection of who the ‘Modern Latino’ is…[With] NUVOtv and the network, I thought, this is a great way to empower and uplift the community. …If you had a cable network 24 hours a day with programming that was relatable, where I saw myself, imagine how many people can be  inspired and imagine how many things can be done.” –

“I grew up watching Marcia Brady or Rudy Huxtable, but I didn’t really see myself [represented]”

According to Lopez this has served as motivation for Ms. Lopez’s decision to invest and collaborate with NUVOtv.

Ms. Lopez’s inspiring speech was immediately trending online, with fans buzzing with pride on social networks about the growing presence of influential Latinos and Latinas in entertainment.  “JLo’s vision for NUVOtv makes me feel that my family & me belong!” tweeted one fan.  “As Chief Creative Officer for NUVOtv, creative powerhouse Jennifer Lopez is representing modern Latinas beautifully,” posted another.

In 2012, iconic superstar and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez announced an exclusive creative, production and marketing partnership with NUVOtv to bolster the network’s mission to deliver entertainment for the “Modern Latino” audience. Lopez and her production company, Nuyorican Productions, are collaborating closely with NUVOtv on all creative elements, including programming strategy, production and marketing, as well as on the upcoming doc Legacy: Jennifer Lopez, which will make its TV premiere on the network on July 18.

Ms. Lopez was also a part of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Luncheon and met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator Robert Menendez during Topping off he D.C. rounds was an appearance on the D.C based radio show The Kane Show on Hot 99.5, which is filmed concurrently.  Before the interview began, however with cameras rolling, her manager Benny Medina handed her her phone where she was informed by her reps that she had booked a movie they had been after for a while.  Real life drama caught on camera.  Lopez then proceeded to talk about everything from NUVOtv, her singing career, American Idol, her twins, always coming back to the Latino market and the need for a 24/7 English-language network – NUVOtv.



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