Dodge targets Multicultural Millennials with Pitbull

The Dodge brand is targeting multicultural millennials[1] with a Spanish/English ad campaign for the 2013 Dodge Dart featuring global music sensation Pitbull. The rapper, who utters his signature “!Dale!” (“Let’s do this!”) phrase in the spots, also composed original instrumental music called “Drop 2 the Bottom” for the commercials: “How to Change Cars Forever” and “How to Break Through and Succeed.”  The campaign reflects the Dodge brand’s focus on targeting multicultural millennials for the compact car segment.

“The compact car segment is the biggest and most competitive in the automotive industry, and millennials are a major driver of the segment growth,”[2] said Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO, Dodge Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. “Dodge is playing by ‘New Rules’ and the Dart is a perfect example of that. With its European handling dynamics, class leading technology and safety features, it is the perfect vehicle for the millennial consumer.”

The first of the ads, a multicultural variation of the 30-second “How to Change Cars Forever” spot that debuted in June 2013, was produced in Spanish and English and introduces Pitbull as the celebrity endorser for the Dodge Dart.  A 60-second version of the spot will air July 18 during the “Premios Juventud” youth awards show on the Univision Network, featuring performances by popular Latin artists.

“Like the original, the new multicultural ‘How to Change Cars Forever’ spot uses the same dose of fun, creative license and Dodge brand humor to capture the meticulous process of starting with a simple idea and developing it into a revolutionary new car,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group LLC. “Pitbull is a great fit for the Dodge Dart as both are hip, innovative, and relevant to millennials, yet also have cross-over appeal.”

A second 30-second spot, titled “How to Break Through and Succeed,” is currently airing in Spanish and will launch in English later this week.  The commercial highlights a duality between the effort behind Pitbull’s music and the hard work that comes with building a car that stands out from those in its class, where both paths cross and unite in success.

“If you want to know where future compact-car buyers are, just look at the audience at a Pitbull concert – it’s cross-cultural and our advertising must connect emotionally with these consumers.” said Juan F. Torres, Head of Multicultural Advertising at Chrysler Group LLC. “Millennials are driving the compact segment growth and Hispanics in particular over index as compact car buyers.  In two years nearly half of the segment’s target demographic, and a majority of the population within ten of the largest cities in the U.S., will be multicultural. The Dart is already attracting young consumers and we’ll continue to develop advertising with a multicultural cadence that connects with this group.”

“I love this campaign because it’s very similar to how records get put together,” said Pitbull. “Everybody thinks it’s such an easy process but it’s very complicated to give the public something exciting, sexy and powerful. That is what the Dodge Dart and Mr. Worldwide bring to the table. !Dale!”

The Dodge Dart multicultural ads will air on various national Spanish-language and bilingual networks.  They will also air on the Aspire and BET networks this month.  Digital ads will accompany the TV spots. The ads are available for viewing on the Dodge brand’s YouTube channel.

The Dodge brand also collaborated with Pitbull last year for a nationwide music tour with Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.  One test-drive participant during the tour won a special “iHeart Dodge Dart” customized by Pitbull and a backstage meet-and-greet.

Ad Descriptions 
The new multicultural “How to Change Cars Forever” (“Como hacer un auto que cambie todo”) ads, produced in both 30- and 60-second lengths in English and Spanish, maintain the energy of the original Dodge Dart launch spot –fast-paced visuals, “driving” musical soundtrack, humor and voiceover steps for making a groundbreaking car–  with different music and visual cues.  For example, popular Latino celebrity-focused publications are displayed and when the announcer highlights the “Get a celebrity endorser” step, Pitbull appears on screen.  “He’s perfect,” the announcer says, and Pitbull responds with his signature phrase, “!Dale!” (“Let’s do this!”).  In the 60-second version, the hero is Latino, references are made to botas picudas (pointed fashion boots), and a recognized Mexican artist.  The “finance guy” character says “You can’t do that” with an accent and soccer fans chant “!Si se puede!” (“Yes, we can!).  The TV spots end with the “New Rules” tagline that speaks to how Dodge is redefining what a compact car can be.

The “How to Break Through and Succeed” (“Como triunfar rompiendo esquemas”) 30-second ad, produced in English and Spanish, appeals to millennials by encouraging new rules to redefine a traditional process. Continuing with the fast-paced visuals, the commercial outlines and simplifies the steps needed to break through and succeed. ?The spot further develops the Dodge brand’s relationship with Pitbull, drawing parallels between the singer’s rise to fame and the Dodge Dart’s entry into the highly competitive compact car segment, stating, “It’s that easy.”

The new Dodge Dart multicultural campaign was created by  Lopez-Negrete Communications, a leading Hispanic agency with offices in Houston and Los Angeles.


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