Why Shows Like “The Fosters” are a Must!

By Lissette Rivas (LatinHeat.com)

At times shouldn’t TV and film mirror reality the way it is?

Sure there are a lot of pure entertainment pieces where we can drown all of our sorrows away in and escape in, but to what point?

It is refreshing to view a film or great TV where real world issues are brought to light.  Life does not equate of one being one certain way, and instead there exists not one way for one to be. Often TV and film have categorized people on types to play, and what this looks like in everyday life. Hence the The Fosters!

The Fosters, Executive Produced by Jennifer Lopez offers a clearer reflection of what reality can mean. It is a twist on things, away from the norm or acceptable norms that have often been accepted.

For instance, why do Latina/os want to play roles other then those who are often portrayed as not being very goal oriented, or who are often from one type of socioeconomic background? Well simply because playing characters other then this would be more accurate storytelling. How about telling stories of Mexican Americans like myself who have been in the United States for six generations or more? Perhaps telling more stories about those who have accomplished so much and have always been goal oriented. The point is that diverse roles are what are needed. Encompassing such varied roles is, The Fosters.

However, sticking with the status quo of what is usually deemed as a traditional nuclear family is not what is seen in this TV drama… rather it is most refreshing to view that this most accurate portrayal of how families include those of various ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and various life experiences all formulate to include what it also means to be a family.

Real world issues and a storyline filled with an onslaught of challenges can be viewed in, The Fosters. The assortment of characters has captured viewers with their mirror like situations of what reality can mean for so many. The last episode of the season revealed the beautiful commitment made by Stef Foster played by Teri Polo, and Lena Adams played by Sherri Saum, of two loving parents that strive to give their family the nurture and quality time that is needed in a world filled at times with much uncertainty. The common themes seen in, The Fosters and in any family is the fact that there are bonds within a family that is brought together by the strength and presence of love for one another. Working to find solutions was seen throughout season one, the constant discovering of who one is and what one stands for, and the continuity of this development of family and ones self was observed.


With the end of this first season it was revealed that for the characters there awaits many more challenges that lurk ahead. With anticipation viewers will have to tune in January 2014 to see what will transpire for the characters that truly include people that so many viewers may be able to relate to. These characters do not demonstrate mere one-dimensional roles, and instead illustrate the different aspects of how varied ones life may be.

My vote is for more three-dimensional roles such as those portrayed in The Fosters.  Slowly but definitely this has to emerge, and when it does shows such as The Fosterscan be recalled as one of those shows who helped to pave that way.


The Fosters, ABC Family, Season Two, January 2014
Created and executive produced by Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg. Executive produced by Jennifer Lopez. Executive produced by Greg Gugliotta, Joanna Johnson, Benny Medina and Elaine Goldsmith Thomas.

Cast: Sherri ShaunTeri Polo,Cierra RamirezJake T. AustinMaia MitchellHayden ByerlyDanni Nucci, and David Lambert. Writers also include Bradley Bredeweg and Peter Paige. Produced by Nuyorican Productions, Inc., and Prodco, Inc.



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