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In a role reversal world, he is the perfect wife and she is the worst husband.

“Venus de Macho” is my second feature. In a role reversal world, he (David) is the perfect wife and she (Venus) is the worst husband. David, a skin beauty expert, is a dedicated and committed man to his relationship and the love of his life Venus. When he catches Venus in a shady predicament with another man, David decides that enough is enough. Heart broken, he decides to confide in his best friends, while Venus decides to live up the single life. In a roller coaster ride of reversal behavior laugh, Venus now has to Woman-Up and win David love back. Will she be able to win him back??? We have to make the movie for you to find out.. and if you pledge just $25 dollars you will be able read the script and find out for your self.

When I produced my first feature “The Love Potion” I didn’t know about Kickstarter. I tried going the conventional way to raise money I took the script to many distribution companies, movie companies and I even applied for production workshops and many other programs that help people like me that wanted to get in the business, but all I got was a big DENIED all across the board. I think the number one reason for the movie industry to deny Latino productions, is that they don’t see Latino characters as multi-faceted and multi-dimentional as I see us. The only see the maid, the gardener, the prostitute, the thug, the help and maybe cops… so my movies are not appealing to them. But whatever, I’m not gonna complain, I just didn’t let that stop me and I put my money where my mouth is and I produced the “Love Potion”. The Love Potion went on to many different film festivals and Networks proving that I make movies with commercial appeal and value. I am so ready for a second run.

Stephanie Ortiz as Venus
Stephanie Ortiz as Venus

If you saw my first feature film “The Love Potion” you saw Stephanie Ortiz play 4 incredibly funny characters. This woman is so talented that at times the audience did not know it was the same person playing all these characters. And yes I am bringing her back for a second round.  If you want to see the Love Potion all you had to do is pledge 25.00. Come on, What are you Waiting for? Check out the trailer here.


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