The Cross Cultural Marketing and Communications Association Pioneers a ‘Total Market’ Industry Solution for the New Marketplace



Ogilvy & Mather, Millward Brown, PepsiCo, Draftfcb and the 4A’s come together to be founding members of the association

The Cross Cultural Marketing and Communications Association (The CCMCA), a new member-driven organization that makes the business case for the ‘total market,’ announced plans to launch during the first Total Market Industry Conference to be held September 9-10, 2013, in New York at Ogilvy & Mather Headquarters in the Chocolate Factory.  Brand, marketing, research, technology, media, big data and industry leaders partner with The CCMCA to provide total market awareness, training, education and certification.

Due to the marketplace shift, there are $10-15 trillion dollars up for grabs and The CCMCA was created in response to a demand for a new approach to understanding consumer behaviors, experiences and engagements in the new marketplace. The CCMCA intends to close the education gap and provide total market enterprise™ (TME) certification.

“As the lead agency for the U.S. Census Bureau and partners in the creation of a microsite withAdweek called ‘The New America,’ we’re keenly aware that a seismic shift is underway for marketers,” said Vita Harris, EVP, chief strategy officer of Draftfcb.  “Marketers and the agencies that boost their standing in the marketplace need to understand the total market to communicate authentically and effectively. The CCMCA is poised to share industry smarts to make that happen.”

“Our mission is to provide total market enterprise awareness, training and certification for brands,” said Jeffrey L. Bowman, The CCMCA founder, Managing Director, Senior Partner, Cross-Cultural Practice Lead at Ogilvy & Mather.  “Given the shift in consumption demographics, where minorities are now the majority consumption population in most U.S. cities, we need to create a model that’s reflective of the new marketplace.”

Javier Farfan, Senior Director, Brand Engagement, PepsiCo states, “The CCMCA will be instrumental to the industry in changing the way we approach cultural marketing, and we are proud to be a part of it from its inception.”

“The CCMCA is a perfect ally to have for our members to help them remain competitive in the rapidly changing marketplace,” said Nancy Hill, 4A’s President-CEO. “We look forward to a productive partnership that will benefit our entire community.”

The CCMCA will act as a brain trust for members focused on building a total market enterprise, awareness, thought leadership and activation with brands business, government and education leaders.

The CCMCA’s educational topics will include:

1.    Market Valuation
2.    Organization Design
3.    Experience and Engagement Planning
4.    Technology and Big Data
5.    Measurement and Effectiveness
6.    Total Market Enterprise Certification

Beginning this September, The CCMCA will address these topics and focus on the new business vertical emerging within the marketing and communications industry during the first Total Market Industry Conference, offering ‘total market’ enterprise certification, boot camps and workshops.

“The total market approach has resulted in an amplification around diverse talent, and incremental revenue for our agency,” said Lauren Crampsie, World Wide Chief Marketing Officer Ogilvy & Mather. “This association will help build awareness and bridge the talent gap that still remains in our industry.”

“To stay relevant and grow in America today, brands are shifting from traditional business models where multicultural is siloed to a Total Market framework that recognizes the new mainstream as multicultural itself,” said David Burgos, VP, Cultural Strategy at Millward Brown. “The CCMCA is poised to become the knowledge hub marketers go to for insights and best practices on how to navigate this new normal.”

For more information about The CCMCA and the Total Market Industry Conference in New York City, visit


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