Hispanics Go To The Movies – Starring Mobile & Social **INFOGRAPHIC**

Hispanic Moviegoers Infographic

From SocialLensResearch.com

Our new report, Hispanics Go to the Movies: Starring Mobile and Social, conducted viaMocoSpace, a mobile game platform, with strategy guidance from Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc., offers statistics and insights about Hispanics’ movie-going attendance and purchase decisions. The study recruited 2,308 US Hispanics.

The findings highlight prime opportunities for engaging Hispanic movie-going consumers via mobile marketing efforts.

Top mobile marketing and mCommerce opportunities for reaching Hispanic moviegoers:

#1 – Holiday and Opening weekend promos and deal alerts: Offer promos, campaigns and deal alerts around holidays and weekends to encourage more Hispanics to choose your movie or theater. 73% reported going to a movie theater over a holiday and 58% on movie opening weekends. Timely mobile tactics are simple and easy ways to attract more Hispanics to a show time at your theater. 38% indicated an interest in more mobile promos and discount alerts.

#2 – Make it a more local/social/rewarding movie experience: Movie going by nature is a local experience. It’s not surprising that up to 75% use their mobile to find a movie listing and that 39% of Hispanics go directly to a local theater’s website to find a listing.  A little more surprising however, is that 16% are physically going to a theater to see what movies are playing. Given the high rates of opening weekend or holiday attendance, there are opportunities to have more location-specific experiences and social events focused in top Hispanic DMAs, to drive buzz and sales for theaters or movie producers. There are many easy and cost-effective social tactics to reward and incentivize customers e.g. a badge for the person who gets the most friends to attend, free popcorn if customers purchase tickets as a group of four or more movie goers.

#3- Facilitate mobile movie ticket sales: A surprising 92% of Hispanics are buying their tickets in-person. 54% felt that buying tickets via mobile was too difficult. 22% felt a better mobile ticketing app was needed. Further exploration about the types of app and usability features that will encourage customers to buy tickets on their mobile is needed.


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