Gain flings! and GRAMMY Awards® Winner La Santa Cecilia Partner Up to Delight Fans with the “Musica para tu Nariz” Campaign


Gain detergent and GRAMMY® award winning band La Santa Cecilia are teaming up to bring fans a joyful experience through the “Música para tu Nariz” campaign for Gain flings!, the newly launched single-use laundry pacs that are proven to be music to your nose.

“We are ecstatic to have La Santa Cecilia as our ‘partners in joy’ to bring our #musicaparatunariz program to life,” said Diana Bañuelos, P&G Brand Manager for Gain. “Through their music, the band embodies the joy and passion that we strive to bring to our consumers with our Gain flings! scent experience.”

Scent is a passion point for consumers– this is particularly true of Hispanics, for whom scent is usually at the center of their product experience. Hispanic consumers have long celebrated the joyful feeling Gain detergent gives them. However, many times they are not able to easily describe the exact feeling that the scent of Gain brings to their everyday lives.

To help articulate this feeling, Gain commissioned a study led by renowned scent expert Dr. Alan Hirsch and Innerscope Research, with Gain users to see how their feelings for Gain flings’ scent measured up to one of their favorite pastimes: listening to their favorite music. The results impressively showed that the scent of Gain flings! gives you more joy than your favorite music, and it can also make listening to your favorite music more enjoyable.

“We are very excited to be working with Gain flings! to bring this scent experience to our fans,” said Miguel Ramirez, La Santa Cecilia percussionist. “We love the joy that the aroma of Gain awakens for us, especially when we are out of tour for long periods of time. It is very comforting to open our luggage and smell the wonderful aroma of Gain, which reminds us of home,” added Ramirez.

“Something that we have in common with Gain is that we love surprising our fans with joyful experiences,” said La Santa Cecilia lead vocalist, La Marisoul. “As Gainiacs, we could definitely relate to the study results for two reasons: music has been a source of joy for us since we were little, and most importantly, we love smelling good so we can put our best face forward to our fans!”

As part of the partnership, Gain and La Santa Cecilia will be creating exclusive content for fans to promote the new Gain flings!, including turning consumer reviews and comments into song. This content will be shared on the brand’s digital platforms and @GainLatino page on Twitter.

In addition, La Santa Cecilia will be doing a special performance at Gain’s “Música Para Tu Nariz: Best Smelling Concert”, taking place Friday, April 4 at Hispanicize 2014, the annual Latino trends event for bloggers, journalists, marketers and other Latino influencers.

Gain launched new Gain flings!, the best Gain ever, earlier this year. Scientifically proven to be music to your nose, Gain flings! bring a new level of joy to the laundry room experience that is unlike any other laundry pac. Each Gain fling! is packed with the best Gain scent experience yet, plus the odor removal power of Febreze and the extra cleaning power of OxiBoost.


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