Raising Fusionistas 2.0 **REPORT**


Alma has produced a new study about how bicultural Hispanic moms are raising a new generation of U.S. Hispanics.

In 2009, Alma produced the first in-depth look at America’s most coveted growing market in its paper, A Brave New World of Consumidores…Introducing Young Fusionistas. The widely read paper was first to pin down from a marketing perspective the world view of young Hispanics who identify themselves as
both 100% American and 100% Hispanic.

In its newest paper, Raising Fusionistas 2.0, Alma researchers answer the question — are Fusionistas passing on their love for both the Hispanic and American cultures and their values to a new generation of Hispanic children?

“In today’s world trying to predict the future (and influence) of the Hispanic Market by using the old acculturation model, where third generations just ‘assimilated,’ doesn’t work anymore,” said Virginia Reyes, Director of Strategic Insights at Alma. “This paper demonstrates how the Fusionista spirit is being
passed down from generation to generation.”

The paper focuses on how Fusionista moms are consciously passing on their cultural diversity to their children. It provides a snapshot into the different aspects of being a Fusionista mom and how they fuse Hispanic and American cultures into their parenting.

Some of the insights include:

  • The benefits of being a Fusionista or “Bicultural” mom, such as passing on an appreciation for both American and Hispanic cultures to create kids who are “multicultural embracers.”
  • The evolving Fusionistas represent an opportunity to leverage Spanish for its emotional and cultural value, as a strategic tool to create relevancy, engagement and differentiation.
  • Fusionistas live in a world that expects and celebrates influences that are diverse, self-selected, including the families and groups around them.

“Alma strives to set the tone in creative innovation and strategic thinking for multicultural marketing, helping our clients develop business solutions through our thought leadership platform,” said Isaac Mizrahi, Alma’s SVP, Managing Director. “This study provides social insights that are shaping the increasingly bicultural world we live in today.”

To download report CLICK HERE


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