“Los Cowboys” Exclusively On Hulu This Fall


From LatinHeat.com

With East Los High proving to Hulu, and all brands willing to listen, that Latinos watch relatable content in English, this fall Hulu will premiere Los Cowboys, an English-language, half-hour reality series targeting U.S. Latinos. Los Cowboys, a Coral 360 Production, is reality show revolving around the lives of Latino/a urban charros(Mexican cowboys) from Los Angeles and their quest to gain respect as bona fidecharros.  A Corral 360

Take a First Look of Los Cowboys 

Production has begun at a ranch in La Puente, where a large part of the action takes place.  We follow the “Cowboys Team”, Alex the young TV producer, Robert the team captain and horse trainer, Marisela the sassy team wife and TV executive who keeps the charros in check, Adrian is a Los Angeles firefighter, a heartthrob and a rookie with something to prove, Ivette a model/beauty queen who is as fierce on a horse as she is on the runway; and Joey is Alex’s best friend and younger brother, into a world of the Mexican tradition of Charreadas and Escaramusas.   However, these cowboys are more urban than not.


On the ranch, the Los Cowboys team gathers to train in the rodeo arts in order to qualify for a coveted spot in the Mexican National Rodeo Championship.  The cast will also be caught going about their own life in various different settings in and around Los Angeles as they go about their busy urban lives as Angelenos.

Los Cowboys is a real-life dramedy starring a cast of urban Hispanic millennials who share a passion for horses and the art of Charreria, the Mexican rodeo, which began over 100 years ago as horse competitions among cattle ranchers.  Their love and commitment to charro sports such as bull riding, wild bronc jumping, horse reining and trick roping is a passion.

Los Cowboys was created by executive producer Alex Corral and produced by his Corral 360 Production Company.  The series will air exclusively on Hulu.


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