#TotalMarketTalk VIDEO – Ep. 5 (Jose Villa, Founder & President, Sensis)

Welcome to the fifth episode of #TotalMarketTalk, a new Digital series created by NGL Media and NGLC.  In this installment, David Chitel, CEO of NGL Media and Founder of NGLC, speaks with Jose Villa, Founder & President, Sensis.

Tune in to hear Jose discuss…

  • Differences between Total Marketing, Multicultural Marketing and Cross-Cultural Marketing
  • Why a cross-cultural works best in Digital
  • Why Hispanic Gen Z will change everything
  • Best-in-class examples of cross-cultural advertising
  • Seismic changes to the U.S. Hispanic market

Conducted via Google+ Video Hangout, monthly episodes of #TotalMarketTalk feature guests ranging from marketing and agency executives to celebrities, entrepreneurs and beyond.  To learn more or inquire about participating as a guest please email david@nglc.biz.  For those who enjoy the show, help us spread the word by using hashtag #TotalMarketTalk and sharing links to each episode.

To view the most recent episode featuring Jose Villa, Founder & President, SensisCLICK HERE.



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