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A guide on the rules of the live dealer blackjack

Blackjack is one of the popular games in the casino category. It is that casino games that are adopted in the live format. It is true that live blackjack is played online, but it can give the feeling to the players exactly as the real casinos. In this article, you will first learn about the meaning of blackjack and then about the rules of blackjack games.

Live blackjack

Online casino Live dealer blackjack is an online blackjack game that is come with a physical table on which the players play the blackjack games by sitting in front of their opponents. They are also playing against the live dealer while sitting at the table.

The dealer directs the shuffles and the actions of the cards by using the automatic shuffler. They also deal with the cards that are out by the players in the dedicated space.

The microchips in the game cards are read by the player who is at the table to display the graphics. The players can place the bets only and take the playing actions as the dealer take. The winning of the players depends on their actions and the winning hands.

Rules of the live blackjack games

In the section of rules of blackjack, every player has to deal with the two cards, face up and face down. At that time, the live dealer gets the one card, face up. The values of the gaming cards from the 2 to 10 is their pip value in which the face cards are considered worth at the 10.

The sum of all card values is the hand value of the player. The idea behind it is to take the 21 as the natural blackjack.

The basic rules of blackjack exist in simple steps. Here are the following possible actions that are taken by the players in the Online casino Live dealer blackjack.


It means that the player is unable to get the cards and decides to stay wherever they are.


It means that the player is able to get another card from the dealer.


If the player has the first take the two cards at the same values, then they can decide to split them into two hands. Then they move to the second bet that is equal to the first to the area outside the betting box. The Online casino Live dealer blackjack is then separated into the two cards and draws the additional into each.


According to the rules of blackjack, the player can raise their bet up to the 100% exchange under the standing commitment right after getting more than two cards.


The player can easily surrender after the Online casino Live dealer blackjack has checked for every blackjack gaming event. In this, if the player surrenders, then the casino takes away half of the player’s bet and then returns the other half.

Best blackjack bonuses

Live dealer blackjack bonuses are a fascinating part of live gambling. There are many live dealer casinos available that provide lucrative bonuses and special offers to attract gamblers so that they place their wages and start playing.

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