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How To Friendly With The Layout Of The Sic Bo Table

Sic Bo is considered the most renowned game which you have ever listen about it. It is played on the floor of the online casino. It is famous amongst other games in the market.

Sic Bo’s strategies are the biggest gambling market on the most popular planet in Macau and Asia. It is also gained popularity in the other United States. But in my own opinion, it can be concluded that it is not played stateside just because of the confusion in the game layout.

There are different bets combination such as small bets, big bets, bets on single dice etc. due to the many options of bets on the layout then, the players can be frightened to play on the Sic Bo table.

What do you mean by sic, Bo?

It is considered the old dice game, which is popular and roughly looks like a table of modern craps. The game looks as same as the carp table, but it is different. There is a huge difference that the Sic Bo table has the three dice playing, not the two dice as it would on the craps game.

And the other difference is determined that dice are rolled by the dealers instead of players on the Sic Bo strategies. In the past time, the dice are rolled by hand, but now it is put in a glass dome and shaken by the dealers.

Rather than craps, there is a starting point where you cannot play for the losing or winning purpose. Still, when you play Sic Bo table, every game initiates with a single roll, and a single roll decides whether it is a winner or loser, but it lastly relies on the dice roll by the dealers.

What is the layout of the sic bo table?

In comparison with other layouts of the casino floor then, it is analysed that Sic Bo’s strategies layout is more complicated because of the different bets. Still, if you know the bets, this game is very simple and easy for you to play.

To conclude, it is considered that there are lots of combinations of the dice because of the different bet options. Every bet option provides different results with a single dice roll.

Every result of the dice roll is present on the layout of the Sic Bo table, and you can bet on the possible combination.

Types of the bets

There are various types of bets at the Sic Bo table. There are roulette wheels which are two similar to black and red bets. These are important coin-flip bets.

  1. Small or big bets
  2. The highest number of bets you can roll is 18, whereas the smallest number is 4. If you add the value of all three dice, it can be concluded that the lowest number is 3.

    When you are paying close attention to the sic bo game, you note that double the total is missing within the bets. You lose the bet if the dice land by triple 6s and triple 1s.

    This is the best way to earn money in the house. There is a side to the bet and no advantage of the house. From the perspective of the house advantage, there is no better than the big or small bets.

  3. Even or odd bets
  4. This is another type of Sic Bo strategy. It is similar to the small or big bet, but there is a little different that is small, or big bet deals with the high or low betting the total it will be whilst it plays with the total odd or total event will be.

    The game provides the offer of a house advantage that is 2.8percent as, similar to small or big bets, and you will lose the game when the dice land on the table by the 1s or 6s triple.

  5. Single dice bet
  6. It is considered the sic bo is the most popular betting game available. If you play the game of single dice, all the betting, you roll the three dice on the table that you choose.

    When these games start then, it is the source of fun, then the bet of single dice, and the number comes many a time. When the bet is on the number 6, and if the 6 number comes on the 2 of dice, then you have to pay two into 1.

    With a statistical reference, this also provides the house advantage, and it is worse than the other even money bets, and it offers the advantage of 8 per cent.

  7. Odd-based payout bets
  8. The maximum number of players playing sic bo that is not allure with the betting even money game they come under the odd-based payouts. It is considered as a former operator of the casino game; in this, if you pay for the odds, then it is the game that is difficult to gain victory for you.

    Sic bo game is determined as a fun resource and provides a lot of excitement when you play this game. It is suggested that it is too risky to play, but with the high risk, you can gain high rewards from this game.

  9. Specific triples
  10. It is considered as the version of the sic bo game that is changing for the fences. If you want to gain victory in this game, then bet on the dice landing number. For example, if you are betting for the 6 number which is landing on the table, then you need to dice for the 6 number to win the game.

  11. Any triple

it is considered as the triple bet shot is clearly own explanatory that is betting the dice on the land with any set of triple, not any particular one. It is the best big payout as compared to the other bets on the sic bo game layouts.

The positive point of this betting is that it provides a better house advantage for the players as compared to the special triple bets; it offers 14 per cent for any triple bets and 16 per cent for special triple bets.

It provides a reasonable opportunity to the winning and a nice payout, and it’s an all-time favourite for the players.

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