Hispanics in the US: A New Generation

By Ana Lucia Gonzalez BBC News Spanish can be heard on the streets of almost any major American city these days, as Hispanic immigrants mingle with the English-speaking majority. But an increasing number, particularly children who’ve been through US schools, are bilingual. Very often they switch between languages within a […]

Bilingual feevee chases older auds

MTV Tr3s adds standup comedians, telenovelas to lineup By Anna Marie De La Fuente Viacom’s bilingual, bi-cultural music channel MTV Tr3s will kick off its sked July 12, expanding its programming to encompass older Latino English-Spanish speakers in the U.S. and not just its core young, urban market. The channel, […]

MTV Tr3s Upfront News

Upfronts: More From the Hispanic MTV By Elizabeth Jensen Viacom’s MTV Tr3s, which is aimed at Hispanics in the United States, wants to be more to more people, so it’s broadening its prime-time programming. The new approach, to be introduced to the advertising community at a Wednesday presentation, is reflected in […]

Language Prefs & Shopping

Predominant Language & Birth Location Segments Hispanic Shopping May 14, 2010 by Jack Loechner, Friday According to an analysis of the BIGresearch® Simultaneous Media Usage Survey, the message is loud and clear to marketers serving, the U.S. Hispanic community: “one-size-fits-all marketing won’t work.” The study finds that there are key similarities […]

NGLC Conference — TV Panel Video

On Monday, April 5, 2010 the NGLC Conference took place at the Harvard Club of NYC. The day kicked off with a keynote from CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and was followed by a special NGL TV network panel featuring Sales Directors from mun2, MTV-Tr3s and SiTV. The panel was moderated by […]

Where Do Hispanic Shops Fit?

As Agencies Evolve, Where Do Hispanic Shops Fit? By Jose Villa – CEO of Sensis Last week, I attended the Forrester Marketing Forum. One particular discussion, led by Forrester analyst Sean Corcoran, got me thinking a lot about the future of Hispanic marketing. Corcoran’s session, “The Role of Agencies in […]

NGL’s Influence Purchase Decisions

Complexity in the Consumer Decision Making of Latinos By Felipe Korzenny We have found that consumer decisions among Latinos are more likely to be influenced by the spouse, children, or other family members than among non-Hispanic Whites. In particular, Hispanics who prefer Spanish appear to be more likely to say […]

Soledad O’Brien NGLC Keynote

On Monday, April 5th, 2010, Soledad O’Brien kicked off the NGLC Media, Marketing & Entertainment Conference at the Harvard Club of NYC.  Here is PART I (of 3) of her keynote address.  To view the rest of Soledad’s keynote click on the link below. Watch More Videos

A New Approach To Multicultural

By Joshua Dysart, Manager, Corporate Communications, DraftFCB Over the past few weeks, the advertising industry has had continuing dialogue on the idea of general market agencies encroaching on the “turf” of Hispanic agencies. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ken Muench, SVP and director of strategic planning for […]

GM Shops Pitching Hispanic Biz

Recent Moves By Home Depot, Wendy’s Causing Concern Among Specialty Agencies By Laurel Wentz – Posted April 26, 2010 NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — After years of trying to convince the mainstream world of the size and importance of the Hispanic market, Hispanic agencies are finding that one group has started […]

NGLC In Ad Age

By Chiqui Cartagena – SVP, Multicultural Marketing, Story Worldwide PepsiCo Chief Engagement Officer Frank Cooper opened his remarks at the New Generation Latino Consortium Conference with a clip from “The Matrix,” in which Laurence Fishburne offers Keanu Reeves a choice between the blue pill and the red pill. Taking the […]

NGLC Conference – April 5, 2010

The ONLY Conference EXCLUSIVELY Dedicated To The New Generation Latino Audience! Read Why It’s Important To Get Involved! Click Here Keynotes Keynote Moderator Celebrity Sit-Down With Leguizamo & Reyes Jacqueline Hernández Telemundo, COO Interview Broadcast LIVE Online Research Keynote Raul E. Cisneros Chief 2010 U.S. Census Publicity Office Luncheon Keynote […]