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The Basics Of How Blackjack Is Played And How To Win

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games. It’s also one of the simplest to learn and play. Blackjack has many variations, but all versions are played in the same way: with a standard 52-card deck and betting on whether you can beat the dealer without going over 21 points. Let’s look at the basic rules of blackjack and how you can win it more often than not.

What Is Blackjack?

In live blackjack Malaysia, you receive two cards face-down – one card is dealt from the deck and one is dealt from the dealer. The goal as to how blackjack is played is to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over. The person closest to 21 wins the hand. The dealer, who has a faced-up card that represents the dealer’s final score, has the same objective. The person who gets closer to 21 wins the hand by having that final tally be less than or equal to the dealers. In live blackjack Malaysia, it is a “mixed strategy” game, which means players can use both a card-counting strategy and a basic strategy. Card counting isn’t required to win at how blackjack is played. 

How To Play Blackjack

– Before the game – The dealer shuffles the deck, then deals two cards face-down to every player and one face-up card to himself. The dealer also places a bet on the table as a “house’s” wager. You can also place a “house’s” wager if you want to bet against the dealer. 
– Betting – You can bet the “house’s” wager, place an amount on your cards, or do both. When you place a bet, you’re predicting your final score.
– The first round – The dealer checks for live blackjack Malaysia and then applies any rules on how blackjack is played. If the dealer has a blackjack and everyone else has a score of less than 21, the dealer wins the hand.
If the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack, you and the dealer have your respective hands. Each player with a hand is required to hit unless their score is 16 or less. If you have a score of 17 or higher, you must stand.

Winning At Blackjack

– Make an accurate prediction – When you place a bet, you’re predicting your final score. When you make that prediction, you should always consider the dealer’s final score.
– Know how to split – Splitting a pair of cards is when you break a pair into two hands. 
 - Don’t go for broke – Making a big bet just to win a big payout is a bad strategy. You’re likely to go over 21 and lose the hand.
– Find the low-counting deck – The fewer face cards there are in the deck, the better chance you have of winning.
– Consider doubling down – Doubling down on how blackjack is played is when you double your initial bet and receive only one card. 

Key Takeaway

Online live blackjack Malaysia is a fun game, but it’s also one that you can win if you play smartly. You simply need to know the basics of how blackjack is played, follow the strategy above, and employ a bit of patience. With these things in mind, you’ll be well on your way to winning more frequently than losing at live blackjack Malaysia.

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